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Do you find yourself still reading the comments on your video?

There are some pretty ridiculous ones, for example: p33jay88 “Yknow what.

By the third day it was up, it had around 100,000 and that’s when I realized this was about to go viral.

The fourth day it hit a million and then got a million a day for about a week straight. I really wasn’t aware of the power of the internet until my video went viral so quickly!

I went camping there a couple months ago and it was just gorgeous. I’d highly recommend camping there if you haven’t been!I couldn’t believe people thought it was real and how angry it made them when they figured out it was a fake.I’ve probably blocked over 200 people on Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube because of death threats and disgusting sexual comments. Yea, you figure that when over 25 million people see something, you’re going to get some freakos, glad it’s only been 200!No, I put the video on You Tube late one night because Facebook’s video feature wasn’t working.I woke up the next day and saw the video had about 100 hits, which at the time was insane for me considering I had no subscribers and only had about 100 or so Facebook friends.Today, we have an extra special interview on The World or Bust with none other than, thee “Debbie” aka Cara Hartman (or vice versa), the viral You Tube sensation behind “e Harmony Video Bio”. Not only does her video have over 25 M views, but Cara and I actually went to the same high school together, Lower Merion, just outside of Philly.She ecstatically agreed to do a little interview with me (well, happily at least) so here goes!I’m just going to assume that you weren’t “planning” on your vid going viral, so why did you make it in the first place?No, I had no intentions of the video going viral, or really anyone to see it other than my family and friends.Firstly, did you ever secretly want to make out with me behind the stairs on the third floor of the art building at 3PM? I secretly/not so secretly wanted to make out with any boy as long as they brought me 3 or more chocolate chip cookies from that snack stand in the cafeteria. If I knew, I would have pumped you full of more cookies, mediocre mozzarella sticks and shit personal pan pizzas than you could have ever handled!Anyways, as of 2/24/13, your video “e Harmony Video Bio” has 25,253,937 views, that’s the equivalent of the whole population of Afghanistan watching your video!


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