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In other words, all three of these areas will correlate with each other. Results: I ran correlations between Spinning Dancer, Face Mask, Read This Book, and Puns.

Since there were four variables, it came out to six (n * n-1 / 2) different correlations.

” “If you believe in a religion, which religion is it? ” “What is your opinion of the rationalist commmunity? ” “What is your opinion of the SSC comment section?

” “Do you identify as a member of the following communities?

Spatial sequence synesthetes might have a tough time convincing their friends and family members that they’re seeing what they claim to be seeing. David Eagleman has no trouble believing in this phenomenon; after all, he is a neuroscientist (working at the Baylor College of Medicine, no less). Eagleman’s lab has actually developed a sort of virtual reality, in which synesthetes can map their spatial visualizations.

The findings are quite interesting; you can get a quick briefing by reading his abstract. What I find most compelling (and in hindsight intuitive) is that the research supported “the possibility that SSS is directly related to the sequence representations in nonsynesthetes” (Eagleman, 2009). This is certainly one of the most interesting forms of synesthesia that I’ve written on, and I’d love to learn more.

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Do you visualize numerical sequences in physical space?

How ’bout days of the week, months in the year, or years in the past decade?

” “Do you want SSC to focus more or less on the following topics?

” “How often do you agree with the object-level points SSC makes?


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