Word 2016 validating bookmark values vba

I have tried to implement the code you have posted here mixed with Nicks "wb" subroutine. Fumei, I am trying to do the same thing as Nick here. I just want a simple reset code or reload code or something. Value = "1st September 2008" End Sub Private Sub Command Button1_Click() Application. I thought about getting vb to close the file and reopen it but because it will be on shared computer and lots of people will be using it, it will cause problems. You clone a new document (File New) and choose the template. The template is not changed, so another new document will be, again, a fresh new copy. I read the thread and thought I would re-iterate your original comment. The userform comes up automatically, and you go from there. Add bname, r End Sub Private Sub User Form_Initialize() With title . If a template is not a good idea for you could you post your document so we don't have to recreate it please. This is the whole code: Private Sub User Form_Initialize() With title .

I then want the text entered at the bookmarks to be deleted so I can use the form again and again. Can someone tell me how to delete the text created at the bookmarks. Or to reset the letter to clear everything entered. I'm sure there must be a way around it, even if it is long winded. Close Save Changes:=False End Sub Private Sub Command Button2_Click() fullname. I've done loads of php/mysql coding just never vb so im a bit of newbie. Value = "1st September 2008" End Sub Private Sub Command Button3_Click() Unload Me Active Document. I'm using the code: Private Sub Command Button1_Click() Application. Show End Sub I have used this as on another thread to try and clear the fields. I hope that makes sense and makes up for me not being able to attach the file. Nick, If you go to insert-bookmark you will see that they are indeed bookmarks. I know the site would greatly benefit from this, and it means less typing for both of you whenever someone has a template related issue. Not a bad idea, although I have my doubts about it being useful in a general way. In the actual letter it has bookmarks that you see above "title" , "NINO" , "address" etc. Is there anyway you could adapt that code for me a little..so that you click ok it prints it and then clears the fields? The original (the template itself, the file) is not touched. I know that a lot of people would benefit from that (myself included), since it is an issue that most people don't fully understand. You will have to put your code to show your userform in document new. I already have the file as a template and have built the form within the template, so when the template is opened the form opens. If you do that then you clone a new instance of it each time and the original template is left intact to use again and again.


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