Why use a dating service

She said she _________________ in the garden at 3 o clock next Monday A ) would work B) will work C) would be working 3 .

she told me his name after he _______________________A) left B) had left C) was leaving D) was left 4. She __________________ a walkman A) was wearing B) wore C) wears D) would wear 5.

Sunday lunch which consist of roast-beef,roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding. And in the evening they have a simple supper an omellete,or sausages sometimes bacon and eggs.

In some families the midday meal is the chief one of the day.

New technology has led to creating technology and spread of information have brought with them less privacy; the great use and abuse of natural resources is now damaging the environment; the great intensity of human life leads to stresses and makes us question the advantages of high technology. Where does the most famous Christmas tree stand in London?

You're right it is disgusting but it is not surprising.

One the other hand, a lot of people may argue that such great technological achievements do not come without a price. When was the custom of decorating Christmas trees candles and and presents introduced in Britain 7.

British breakfast consist of cornflakes with milk,toast with marmalade,honey and tea. At about 5 o*clock they have tea with bread and butter and cakes.

1 This time next week I _____________ in the Black Sea A) shall be swimming B) shall swim C) will swim 2.

He asked me where I __________________ when I came to London next A) will stay B) would stay C) stayed construct wondeful cathedrals - the best example of Gothic architecture. From the 15 to the 17 century the period of Renaissanse spread in New World was discovered and explored.

The printed books helped the development of European cultural life.


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