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Orman’s quip to the that she is a “55-year-old virgin” has made headlines in some news outlets who have seized upon the tabloid-worthy comment for laughs.

She put down 0 thousand for the down payment of a house she and her husband own.She takes a call with Jamie, a school teacher and single mother who makes good money, but now faces mounting bills, a lack of retirement savings and possible eviction from her home.Is the resentment and anger towards ex-husband keeping her from making good financial decisions? pic.twitter.com/s Ei RKLAVUe Meet me in Las Vegas this summer! pic.twitter.com/ypnxmi9u RR Meet me in Las Vegas this summer! pic.twitter.com/ypnxmi9u RR Are you or someone you love being financially abused? If your child or grandchild is getting paid for a summer job don't miss the opportunity to teach them two of the most powerful financial lessons! pic.twitter.com/vpz Wqvby9w Is Jamie's resentment and anger towards her ex-husband keeping her from making good financial decisions? That makes plenty of emotional sense, but I want everyone nearing or in retirement, to make sure they have a house-smart plan. pic.twitter.com/6dw14gu FAw Arrived at the Madrid Airport to an incredible reception as we walked out of customs. I’m with KT - Ligia of Marly Camino and my two sister in laws Barb and Lynn. pic.twitter.com/5k1Xe Vbu Hu I was just watching the latest episode of The Handmaiden on Hulu. This is all just so emotionally and financially wrong. pic.twitter.com/t ZQv9wz5NZ Older homeowners report that they intend to “age in place”, rather than move. I have no doubt it will be tens of millions of dollars.You don't have any excuses anymore; Suze makes available her online document creator for only .00 for all of the listeners to this podcast.Visit to get access to Suze's Online Must-Have Document Creator and to complete this week's Do It Moment! Email us at [email protected] week, Suze offers listeners deep insight on one of the greatest obstacles to creating wealth: fear. This episode is loaded with everything you need to know about investing from individual stocks to mutual funds and ETFs and so much more in order to grow your wealth. She says when the eight qualities of harmony, balance, courage, generosity, happiness, cleanliness, beauty and wisdom are smoothly working together, the money will surely follow.Suze speaks with Laura who took some bad advice from a financial advisor.Also, lots of great questions asked and answered about how to determine if your friend, family, colleague or financial advisor is giving you good advice about your money questions.Direct to women, and the men who want to understand them, she's serving a weekly dose of interactive advice and entertainment.#Ask Suze anything, as her trademark energy and passion provide the motivation she knows will help you put people first, then money, then things...because you CAN have the power.


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