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She never revealed who the father was, not even to her own family, and--perhaps due to the social stigma at the time--it was decided that Darin's grandmother, Polly, would raise him as her own son and Nina would masquerade as his sister.Darin didn't learn the truth about his mother until he was 32 years old and already a star.and was married to pop singer Bobby Darin, died today. Dee died at the Los Robles Hospital & Medical Centre in Thousand Oaks, said Cynthia Mead, nursing supervisor.Mead said Dee's family requested that no other details be released.Here are ten things most non-Darin fans probably don't know about him...Born in 1936, Walden Robert Cassotto (Darin's real name) was said by his family to be undersized and frail as an infant, and prone to sickness and accidents.Unfortunately, this imminent death bomb hanging over his head also made him brash, controlling and arrogant at times--but Bobby expected nothing less than perfection when it came to delivering performances for his fans.

In Darin's case, he battled the disease four times between the age of 8 and 13.After a one month courtship, Dee married Darin in Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1960.A son, Dodd Mitchell, was born to the couple the following year.That included trying to learn pretty much anything and everything he was interested in--from harness racing to tennis (which was the only sport, try as he might, he just couldn't get the hang of.) Unlike so many of us, Darin didn't procrastinate; he couldn't afford to.And when he set his mind to accomplish something, he didn't let anything stand in his way.Darin gave away most of his possessions (including a suitcase phone, the world's first mobile phone) to his friends and hightailed it to the Big Sur area of California with an Airstream trailer in tow.For several months, he lived in his trailer and began writing folk songs in what became his most creative and prolific period.Notice that I chose the word entertainer to describe him in lieu of singer or musician.That's because Bobby Darin, as his diehard fans already know, possessed talent that was way more multi-faceted than just being a crooner.CNN reported that Dee had been undergoing treatment at the hospital for two weeks for complications of kidney disease and pneumonia.At Universal Studio, Dee was cast mostly in teen movies such as .


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