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In an effort to dismiss unneeded attention, Ross and his girlfriend relocated to Cincinnati to "lie low." The temptation of a new and untapped market proved to be irresistible, however, and Ross soon infiltrated Cincinnati's crack market.With the Cincinnati dealers under his thumb, Ross was now sitting on nearly million worth of real estate, and more money he could spend.The Inn, which served as a secure meeting place for dealers and couriers, eventually earned Ross the nickname "Freeway Rick."This amassing of wealth and power caught the attention of authorities, who had been keeping an eye on Blandón's smuggling activities outside the U. They eventually traced Blandón's activities to his biggest customer: Freeway Ricky Ross.Within three years, police had created the Freeway Ricky Ross Taskforce, a special unit designed specifically to target Ross.The region seemed to be a promising, untapped market for an enterprising dealer.Although Ross didn't try it for himself until sometime later because of its high price, he did manage to sell it to neighbors and friend at a large profit. Impressed, Ross decided to go into business as a full-time dealer.By early 1980, after only six months of dealing, Ross and his partner had an exclusive client base and a steady supplier.

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Ross dropped out of high school and, while learning a trade at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (LATTC), he began stealing and reselling car parts.

To buy the 0 in cocaine they needed to begin their own supply business, they stole a car and stripped it for parts.

They used the money to invest in 3 grams of cocaine, and began selling to wealthier clients.

In a matter of only a few years, Ross was the head of Los Angeles' first cocaine ring.

By 1984, Ross began to expand his territory and his wares.


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