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"I'm overwhelmed and humbled by the intensity of the 'ANTM' fan base whose deep affection for the show led me to have a change of heart." Banks said in a statement. I’ve been following Miss J Alexander’s career through social media over the years, being the internet freak that I am.(I WAS AVAILABLE TYRA, DAMNIT.) He'll judge the forthcoming series alongside Banks and PR executive Kelly Cutrone, while viewers will, again, be the show's fourth judge.Voting on the photoshoots will play out as they happen starting this Friday.It’s always bring good vibes seeing public figures who are living their lives to the fullest fearlessly.Miss J Alexander is openly gay, waiving the LGBTI flag high. Except also get a little bit sad, because hot hot heat male model judge Rob Evans has been ousted from the show's judging panel.Gone are the days when photos like this will arbitrarily pop up during Evans' replacement is a hardied veteran of the show, however — Miss J. Despite being fired two cycles ago (along with Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker), Tyra has now brought Miss J. She announced the news via Instagram, framing his return as a result of fans' demand, rather than say, no-one else being available.

Now this Trio back together catwalking on New York City Streets can only mean one thing hmmmmmmmmmm...? Oh yeah Thanks @marcjacobs @klsxkls @guess #bags #walking #smilingface #tribeca #new Yorkcity #nigelbarker #Jay Manuel #missj #marcjacobs #guessjeans #kls #klsxkls A post shared by Miss J Alexander (@miss_jalexander) on Though some of the hashtags might suggest that the gentleman are working on a fashion campaign together, it's more fun to assume fans of "ATMN" are getting their entire cast back for the upcoming season.

But it's actually not as random as it might initially seem: After all, Miss J --he seemed more than excited to spread the news:"I'm working on shoes--I'm gon' design some shoes! "It's out of me," he told us, "and you're gonna love it.

but they're gonna be brilliant--absolutely brilliant." When we asked him to elaborate, he said simply, "They're going to be comfortable at many different heights." J says the line of shoes will be entirely his own as opposed to in collaboration with an already existing brand.

They could literally be eliminated for a subpar hashtag.

Never say Tyra isn't down with the times, because she is.


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