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The renovation of La Guardia Airport began in June 2016 with an expected completion date of 2021 and total cost of billion.

The construction will constitute a complete overhaul of the airport, which former Vice President Joe Biden famously described as like something out of a Third World country.

Cuomo shared his feelings through a statement to the press.“A few weeks ago we received terrible news.

Sandy shared with me that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Lee for her resiliency in coping with the news and for revealing her illness to the public.

The first portion involves completely replacing Terminal B with a new central terminal, an undertaking Cuomo has called the largest public-private partnership in the U. The second half will connect Terminals C and D with the newly constructed Terminal B.

Hitting a 2026 deadline would avoid the need to reroute trucks onto local streets.

If all goes according to plan, construction is expected to start as early as 2021, rather than in 2023 without design-build.

The idea for a connector between Long Island and either Westchester County or Connecticut over (or under) the Long Island Sound has been thrown around for decades, dating back to at least 1957, though every proposal has ultimately failed.

The proposal was revisited in January when the Montreal consulting firm WSP released a study commissioned by the state that examined multiple possibilities for a bridge or tunnel across the Long Island Sound.

It concluded the project could cost as much as .4 billion and could only originate from Oyster Bay or Kings Park on Long Island.


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