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Recalling one of his most memorable blunders, Nick revealed a chimpanzee once picked his nose during filming.He spilled: “My favourite one whilst doing Really Wild Show was when I was doing a piece to camera with a chimpanzee.“It started picking my nose!

My eyes were out here.”Emma, who was diagnosed with the condition aged eight, also spilled that people never took her allergy “seriously” and admitted that her own mother had told her to “get on with it”.At 90, the Queen still looks as good as she did twenty-five years ago.If we look like she does when we reach her age, we'll be delighted! The key is in the skincare (doesn't one know) so we thought we'd list the Queen's must-have beauty products and make-up essentials that keep her regally radiant and always looking her very best.I tried to carry on but it’s very difficult when you have an ape’s finger up your nose.”He added: “I gave him a hard look, at which point he took what he removed from my nostril and placed it into his mouth and chewed!”Nick is now busy working with Chessington World of Adventures who have just welcomed the arrival of four endangered Amur tigers.In 2002, she told The Telegraph: "I had to dash up to wardrobe, I had to leave.I was itching, wheezy.“My voice was husky the next day - from being in here for a few minutes - and I looked horrendous," she added: “So the poor cat had to go - it was either the actress or the cat. "She also revealed the time that she had to ask for animals to be removed from the set of the series as it put her at risk of a health scare.The naturalist, who is currently working with Chessington World of Adventures and their new tiger enclosure, said he would “love” to be part of the show again.When asked whether he would like to return, Nick exclusively told uk: “Yeah I would love to be back on it."He added: “I’d love to be involved.”Speaking about Martin’s exit, he spilled: “I’ve not spoken to Martin since he has no longer been on the show.“I don’t know the nature of the situation to be honest.She commissioned the company to create her very own shade of lippy to compliment the colour of her glamorous white satin Coronation gown.It's not known which of the skincare products take pride of place in the royal bathroom cabinet, but rumour has it that the Queen loves the Ever Matte Mineral Powder Compact in Transparent Fair (£27.50), as well as some of the brand's classic eyeshadow palettes (£30).


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