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There was never too much worry, in terms of content and what it deals with.Since you don’t get the full journey from just reading the pilot script, what was it that drew you to this story and character? Everyone has an idea of the Antichrist, and this was not that kind of caricature.There were clear indications at a very young age that Bradley was unusually clever and intelligent.At age 4 he began to recite the entire text of his favorite book, “Where the Wild Things Are.” Bradley’s brother, six years his senior, helped to shape his unique sense of humor – a gift that always remained intact.JAMES: I think everyone sees themselves as the title character in their own life story, and they wouldn’t necessarily paint themselves with a good or evil brush.I think everyone has elements of many things, and that’s the way to approach a guy like Damien.I don’t think he actively has an on and off switch of good and bad.

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JAMES: Well, we used the first movie as a launchpad, and then everything else is essentially our own subjective creation of what that 25 years was, in between seeing him in the film and on his 30 birthday.

5, 2016, just three months from his 30th birthday, Bradley died tragically in an accident outside his home in Killington, Vt.

As a son and brother, Bradley was born to parents, Kimberly and John, and brother, John Jr., in Smithtown, New York at a.m. As a young child he was loving, thoughtful, inquisitive and bright.

JAMES: I wouldn’t say that it was something I was too stressed out about, really.

Having read the script, you long for great characters to come your way, and that’s what I saw this as. I found out about it in November of 2014, and I think we started in February, so I had a chunk of time where I was just eager to get going.


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