Whitelabeldating cname

You'll of course want to add your own server IP addresses as well.

[As of Dec 2015, the Open SPF form no longer works.

All you need to do is download your white label's tracking code javascript file and put it on your CDN.So the best way to stay up to date is by subscribing to our blog.There are two ways you can provide a user with access to the stats for their site(s).When we setup a white label account, we specifically state that you need to set it up your DNS an a CNAME record.If you go against this request, you do so at your own risk.This is the way we recommend doing things, as it also includes the ability to automatically log the user in, making the experience completely seamless.To learn more about our iframe solution, click here.Your white label is a closed system, which means that users cannot create account directly.You, the admin, must create accounts for your users.We recommend Open SPF, which only requires you to fill out a small form to create your SPF record.In the part where it asks you for IP4 addresses, use the text below for one of your entries, which is the IP block that belongs to Clicky.


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