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Our proprietary Antivirus (Shield Antivirus) protection software keeps you running at peak performance while fully protected!

Our Antivirus platform is a full protection solution against all to-date viruses and is compatible with all recent Windows versions.

Our Cleaning Utilities clean the Windows registry and installation unneeded files and optimize PC performance and stability.

With innovative technology and advanced programming, our tools wipe out unused files, and reorganizes the Windows registry to an optimal state, thus provide a smoother computing experience.

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Shield Apps password managers are a light and effective solution for users who wish to save and manage their online user and password credentials in a secure and yet user-friendly way.

Shield Apps password manager will maintain the user's privacy by locally storing all relevant user information without any external communication, thus maintainingtop-level privacy and security while providing the user with a very convenient password management solution.

In addition, Mobile Shield Antivirus features an app behavior analysis mechanism that flags potentially harmful apps on the phone.

The rebranded android antivirus application comes packed with advanced features and detection algorithms that detect, block and delete mobile threats and infections.

The Mobile Antivirus application will scan through the phone’s files, both on the phone and on any external memory, searching for threats and malicious files.

Furthermore, unneeded duplicate files that take up much needed hard drive space will be mapped for deletion (optional).

Shield Apps’ Performance Optimizers utilize advanced technologies to analyse and clean registry issues.


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