Website not updating

But there is lots of other tricks you can do to determine propagation and get mail to work prior to the DNS updating. It might be possible to delete the Zone Record entirely, then recreate it exactly as you want it. If I'm wrong, somebody tell me and I'll delete this suggestion.Also, I don't know how to save a Zone Record and recreate it using WHM or any other tool.

I'm moving my web application to another server and in the next few days I'll refresh the DNS to point to the new IP location.

This can be frustrating if the text is updating faster than you can read a particular section -- especially if the information is important to your company.

Most browsers allow you to turn off the automatic feature without much difficulty. Check the box marked "Warn me when websites try to redirect or reload the page." Pages will now not automatically update and instead will ask you to click an on-screen prompt when you are ready for an update. Click on the extension icon (a white circular arrow in a red hexagon) at the top of the screen when you want to stop a page automatically refreshing.

Note that the icon only appears when you visit a page that uses automatic refreshing.

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