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You have made an impression on me that will last forever. *bunny in white*all talk-no action*Mike 's HOT sleeping-bag* "There 's a party goin' on right here! *one inch closer and I would have lost the baby*frothing at the mouth*Mark's t i eke t -Banning 's help* "Watch those hands, Chump! from N Y and Chip*Helene 's friend's jacket*the magic gloves*unzip the sleeves ! These feelings not only include the officers, but extend to each member of the class, whether I knew you through sports, through class of '81 functions, through academic activities, through nonschool sponsored trips, to simply working with some of you on my car. Life takes some effort; keep working and you'll meet success. Favorite memories: Martha's Vineyard, M*A.*S*H cast party, Halloween Party, both Proms, the Maverick in Mr. Hard work will be needed in the future; to those who struggled at BHS, keep at it; you'll make it. There are also many, many more memories I could recall, but like I said, all good things must come to an end. Belmont Center Delivery Services 484-9877 185 186 ^ r Loughran, Corbett and Mc Dermott Attorneys, Inc. 02162 926-4466 J V r " Best wishes to the Class of 81 (617) 4ft Q-? We created and carried on many tradi- tions: a new warm up exercise, the Pam Am, the mandatory clothes swap and our own rendition of many hit songs — “have a track & a team" being one.

I will continue to teach in hope that I will run into a class again which is as rewarding to work with as you have been. *the bent bed*stomach pains*powder clouds*neighbors ' wood and H^O^oly f'in s-load*if r- then s-* ff Waterville will never be the same...

And how about the Camping trip when we missed the ferry going over because I decided to take the scenic route to Woods Hole? We Received such a nice letter from the Campground, and the moped shop begged us to come back and destroy their property. Then we have the class delinquents who sponsor keg parties regularly.

Then when we tried to set tents up at 1 1 :00 pm, it was a little difficult, but we did it . M*A*S*H was definitely a SMASH, with two sell out crowds. These are just a few of many memories we had at Belmont High School.

Coach John Silva Our season was full of hard work, enjoyment, and deter- mination.

Second row (I to r) Coach Richard Bartley, John Mc Guirk, Robert Donahue, Janson Hue, Carl Gurtzer, Matt Martin, Andy Mc Kinney, Kevin Bird, Fohn Garrity, Robbie Paul, David Cavino, Richard Scali, John Vartinez, Mike Barbagallo, Asst.


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