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In Server Explorer, expand file, right-click the design surface, and select Update Model from Database.

In the Choose Your Database Objects dialog box, select the Add tab and select the view you just created. In the designer, you see that the tool created a listed as an entity type and a view. Store), right-click v Instructor Name and select Properties.

For testing, you provide a repository object that works with data stored in a way that you can easily manipulate, such as class variables defined as collections.

The following illustration shows the difference between a business-logic class that includes data-access logic without a repository and one that uses a repository.

The class that encapsulates data-access logic is called a .

The business logic class includes both business-logic methods and data-access methods, but the data-access methods call the repository to perform data-access tasks.

You will begin this tutorial by making two changes to the database, both of which require corresponding changes to the data model that you created in the Getting Started with the Entity Framework and Web Forms tutorials.

In one of those tutorials, you made changes in the designer manually to synchronize the data model with the database after a database change.

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In the database diagram, right-click the table, and select Relationships.

You will also create an abstraction layer between your BLL and DAL that facilitates automated unit testing of the BLL.

This abstraction layer is implemented by creating an interface and using the interface when you instantiate the repository in the business-logic class.

The sample application is a website for a fictional Contoso University. To implement this architecture, you separate the presentation layer from the business logic layer (BLL) and the data access layer (DAL).

It includes functionality such as student admission, course creation, and instructor assignments. The downloadable sample contains code in both C# and Visual Basic. NET MVC framework, see Getting Started with the Entity Framework using ASP. One way to implement this structure is to use the pages using a control that has many of the same features as other data-source controls.


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