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Apparently I neglected to close this after my previous comment, even though I said I would.As noted before, the main issue for this is #7034 and that is where we'll post future news related to lifting this limitation.When a validator applies to a project facet or nature, the workbench uses that validator only on projects that have that facet or nature.Likewise, most validators apply only to certain types of files, so the workbench uses those validators only on those types of files.Preview: In a time when evidence based information is questioned, it is imperative that we teach our students how to recognize whether a source is valid or not.The STINK Test gives them the tools to do just that.

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Implementation Guides build on the base specification to define a set of additional rules.The reason for the errors you see here due to one of the internal differences between a map and a nested block: since the nested block structure is statically-specified in the configuration (similar to a struct or class in a statically-typed programming language) its structure is always available at validation time, whereas map values can have arbitrary keys that we don't necessarily know at validation time.The error message you see here results from the fact that the internal representation of map values doesn't match the internal representation of nested blocks when dynamic data is present.Error: aws_elastic_beanstalk_environment.this: "": required field is not set Error: aws_elastic_beanstalk_environment.this: "setting.0.namespace": required field is not set Error: aws_elastic_beanstalk_environment.this: "setting.0.value": required field is not set to be resolved.I thought at first it was a dependency graph issue, tried all the well known workarounds to make sure the modules and resources are loaded in the correct order, before concluding I had no way to get the data sources evaluated before the resources inputs are validated. What you are trying to do here seems to be the same sort of thing discussed in #7034.The special Apparently I neglected to close this after my previous comment, even though I said I would.This is intended as a list of commercially available stand-alone reference materials available for purchase.Since the work here is captured by #7034, I'm going to close this issue just to consolidate the discussion over there.Thanks for reporting this, and sorry we don't have a short-term workaround for this particular functionality.By practicing the elements of the STINK Test, students will build both background knowledge as well as the skills necessary to be a discerning consumer of information.When scientists write papers based on their research, they work hard to present evidence without personal bias.


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