Usher dating white girl

To some people it may be the forbidden fruit attraction.Somewhere in there sub-conscious they feel that it is taboo and therefore it is exciting.I ask this question because I live in New York and I see a lot of black women with white men recently.I think it is great because you would only see black men with white women.I guess it is no worse than the hippie trend or anything else but it worries me because they jump from one guy to the next and have no idea of having a relationship.I guess it is more that the girls are acting like the guys now that bothers me mostly.;) It doesn't bother me except for one thing does a little bit Where I live many of the teen age white girls are literally obsessed and chase after the black boys with the rappy hood style.They even imitate them with the slang and wearing their pants below their butts.

gneiss : just your topic question on itself tells me enough. Credendovidis gneiss : just your topic question on itself tells me enough.

It seems as though some white men like dark skin women more than black men.

But hey the interracial relationships is a beautiful thing.

We discovered the horse loving beauty is none other than Ciarra Pardo, BFF and business partner to Usher’s girl Grace in their video production company Les Enfant Terrible. Granted, the rumors have been running rampant for some time that he’s been tag-teaming the two, especially after fans in Los Angeles were treated to Ush pulling Ciarra onstage at a December 2011 where he grinded her so hard, people assumed he had to be chopping her down.

Did Usher really do Grace so dirty as to dump her for her homegirl???


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