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In today’s post, I’ll take you through the three methods you can use to update v CSA using the Appliance Management tool.Before trying out any of these methods, make sure to snapshot and/or take a backup of the appliance just in case the update fails.As of this writing, v Center 6.5.0d has been released which gives me the opportunity to update my lab’s v CSA (v Center Server Appliance) to this latest release and write about it as well.The update process has been greatly simplified thanks to the tool which is also used to manage the appliance’s configuration or parts of it.If not, scour the log file for hints as to what went wrong and revert back to snapshot. The appliance’s version will read to the latest even though the appliance needs to be rebooted.You can verify this from the Appliance Management tool and the v CSA’s console.

There’s no guarantee that an update will succeed, so at the risk of repeating myself, being able to recover from a failed update or upgrade is paramount to business continuity and your sanity!

I then mounted it as a CD/DVD drive from the v CSA VM’s settings. Note: This was tested on IIS 8 running on Windows Server 2012.

The same update process is repeated using the Appliance Management tool. Additional MIME types, perhaps for the RPM packages, may need to be created.

At one point, the installer lost connectivity to the appliance – probably because it timed out – so I wasn’t quite sure if the update completed successfully.

If this happens, SSH to the v CSA and check the contents of a log file called If that’s the case, proceed with rebooting the appliance so the changes can take root.


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