Updating time in excel

Offset returns a cell reference according to your settings.

The % change between current performance and the comparison number is highlighted as either good or bad (green/red) if outside of a certain range.Suppose you wanted to plot data in column A against the data in column B.You could simply insert a chart with the range As the data arrives, the chart will automatically update.This reference will automatically update when new data arrives.For full detail For example, this is the syntax of Offset: For details of getting live data from Windmill into Excel, see For more on charting with Excel see Monitor newsletter (ISSN 1472-0221) features a series of Excel Corners, giving hints and tips on using Excel. Up to 12 metrics can be included within each dashboard and these metrics can be analysed using the three basic techniques of data analysis: My dashboards follow a basic structure and layout that I have evolved over the past five years.They consist of sets of metrics displaying performance for a current period referenced against a comparison number.Count A gives you the number of non-blank cells in a column.With Windmill data this equates to the number of rows of data (and headings).The dashboards print out nicely (very readable) on an A4 page.To enable a potentially huge level of detail to be accessible through the dashboard, drop-down menus are used to select the segment of data or metric for display (macros must be enabled for these to work).


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