Updating playstation 3 using storage media

The second screen may be used to show extra contents for example maps, alternate camera angles, radar or even playbooks in sports games.Apart from Play Station Vita, other mobile devices such as i Pad or Android tablet can also be used as second screen.Content icon customization and options on how to sort them would give players a way to mold the display to better suit their needs.

Sony upgrades the system software or firmware operating system for its Play Station 3 (PS3) gaming console almost once every month.

Many of these are open-source software , although the Play Station 4 is not an open console.

Some video game developers have expressed concern with the compiler toolchain's debugging features.

This dynamic menu can alter itself so that there's as little time as possible between the users placing a game in the disc drive and the actual gameplay beginning.

The main place for entertainment options, the Content area, is prominently displayed with large square icons on a horizontal line arranged by the most recently used.


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