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Here is a snippet from it: // Set the command Oracle Command cmd = new Oracle Command( "update multimedia_tab set story = :1 where thekey = 1"); cmd. Execute Non Query(); string Query3 = " DECLARE " "str varchar2(32767); " " BEGIN " " str := '" base64Image Representation Logo "'; " " update map_general_settings set value=str where DESC_AR='LOGO_IMG' ; END; "; command. Client (data access classes and enumerations) and Oracle. Types (classes and structures for Oracle data types). The Oracle Boolean type provides methods, properties, and operators to facilitate working with the data. While a standard Boolean value has two possible values—true and false—the Oracle Boolean type can contain True, False, Null, One, and Zero.var query = "UPDATE master_table " "SET description = :description " " modification_notes = :modification_notes " "WHERE master_id = :master_id"; var param_master_id = new Oracle Parameter(":master_id", Oracle Db Type. Value = master_id; var param_description = new Oracle Parameter(":description", Oracle Db Type. Value = "Test1"; var param_master_id = new Oracle Parameter(":modification_notes", Oracle Db Type. Value = "Test2"; IDb Command command = new Oracle Command(query, connection); command.parameters. -- Keep in mind that a LOB in an oracle column is really a LOB Locator, a pointer to the actual data. Before you can update a CLOB column with that Lob Locator, you need to create and populate a temporary CLOB first. NET samples directory in your Oracle Home there should be a LOB directory, in there it looks like samples5might be a good place to start. Text; // Create an Oracle Clob object, specifying no caching and not a NCLOB Oracle Clob clob = new Oracle Clob(con, false, false); // Write data to the Oracle Clob object, clob, which is a temporary LOB string str = "this is a new story"; clob. NET has additional Oracle-specific types compared with the Microsoft provider and those types expose additional methods and properties to interrogate, manipulate, and convert data. NET Oracle Data Adapter allows you to safely map Oracle data types to .

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Stop swallowing the exceptions, and you'll find out which of these lines is throwing an exception and why.These classes provide methods, properties, and operators to create, compare, convert, extract, and manipulate Timestamp data.In addition to the functionality in the Microsoft provider Oracle String class, the ODP.I note that you really don't have a way to distinguish whether or not an exception was thrown and the transaction was rolled back or if the transaction succeeded.See, you're catching the exception, rolling the transaction back, and then still displaying the message box "Apparent success." because you're swallowing the exception and falling through.This is badly written code, and badly written code introduces bugs like this.At a minimum, I'd rethrow the exception if I were you. The classes that support the LOB data types in each data provider are shown in the following table: Table 1. The Microsoft provider requires Oracle client version 8.1.7 or above. NET is freely available from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) at Oracle LOBs are used to store large-character or binary data such as text documents and images including the BFILE data type that used to store LOBs outside of the database using the file system. Note that we are not using the default oracle client as we require bulk insertion. NET Framework version are unfortunately a hard requirement and we may not change that. I've attached a complete example which produces the error. If you know you will always be binding less than 32k bytes, or 16k characters in the usual case of unicode you can bind as Varchar2 and free yourself from having to create a temporary lob.


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