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reads "if you are using a computer in public you may want to avoid attracting unwanted attention by changing the way Tails looks into something that resembles Microsoft Windows 8." This is what we call the "Windows camouflage".

The Windows camouflage will be broken in Debian Jessie based Tails.

When creating a new user, we now take special characters (like “é” or “ç”) into account when automatically generating a username.

We also fixed a major issue that caused new user accounts to be created without a password.

Printer settings saw a number of fixes to things like cancelling halted jobs, renaming a printer location, and ensuring that jobs remain visible in the queue.

In addition to the updates mentioned above, you can always rely on updated translations, stability and performance fixes, and general code cleaning.

This version is based on GTK 2.22.0, which is a major step up from 2.16, now that all the major Windows-specific issues have been resolved.

A new version GTK Runtime installer is out (see the Downloads section).

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Here’s a roundup of this months updates: Developers may be happy to know that a new version of our stylesheet is out that supports adding the There’s also a new minor release of our icon set which contains fit and finish fixes for various icons in different sizes. We’ve made a few updates to various parts of System Settings.This version fixes a conflict between shared an private (embedded) installations of GTK .It also changes some options for embedding and silent installation. A new version GTK Runtime installer is out (see the Downloads section).Make sure to pop open App Center and hit “Update All” to get the latest and greatest.While you’re at it, be sure to check out some of the new apps that were published this month!It is known to run at least on Linux, Free BSD, Net BSD, Darwin, Solaris, Tru64 UNIX (OSF/1), SGI IRIX, Be OS whereas CPU architectures include x86, AMD64, Power PC, SPARC, MIPS. gtk-gnutella is free open-source software and released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).gtk-gnutella is not finished yet, but it is fully functional: you may share, search, and download.It is based on gtk -2.16.6-2 and fixes some problems when running GTK applications under Windows 7.Note that starting with this version, DLLs which are not direct dependencies of GTK (but used to be in the past) are not installed by default anymore.For those of you wondering what GTK is, visit its home page at org.GTK Preference Tool (aka "gtk2_prefs" or "GTK2 Theme Selector") is also hosted here and included into the installers. A new version GTK Runtime installer is out (see the Downloads section).


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