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Subscribe to bi-weekly email with links to selected Wikipedia articles in each of your languages. To test these links, you need an i Phone, i Pad or i Pod touch with Wiki Links installed. Wiki Links comes with i OS, Sepia, Night and many other splendid themes. Opened i Tunes and saw practically all of my library was missing. This restored all the Album Folders, but not the individual tracks. I have seen software to do this, but all cost money, anything from to .Given I have over 4000 tracks, I'm not at all inclined to sitting down and load all my cd collection again. Please help See Empty/corrupt i Tunes library after upgrade/crash.Usually the files are still there but updating has not successfully rewritten that file and you have to use the old version.

I'll lose the contents of a couple other playlists, but most of them I can eventually replicate. The frustrating thing is having library files inside my Time Machine that I can recover..then watching that recovery disappear in five seconds and the library revert back to what it had been. If that corrupts the db again the restore the backup once more and try holding down command option as you start i Tunes to launch it in safe mode which might work better. Fortunately I have never trusted i Tunes and whenever I have added music I have also put a copy in My Music.This process occupies both devices, so make sure you choose a time when you won't need to use your current device for several minutes.Learn how to restore your Apple Watch from a backup and pair it with your new i Phone.I understand why that won't work--but I would lose far more than I would gain. I noticed that in the process my i Tunes library was moved to the Previous i Tunes Library and replaced with a new i Tunes Library approximately 30% smaller. Although I have various backups going back to September 2015 (from Carbonite) they are only 3MB where I expected more like 3GB.My DIY solution is that I am allowing my i Pod to play the entire playlist (1400 songs, it will take a while) that is the hardest for me to put back together. See Empty/corrupt i Tunes library after upgrade/crash. Cost me £18, and really sticks in the craw having to fork out money for something that went wrong with an official update. It is possible that the songs got deleted before the last backup possibly due to a previous i Tunes "upgrade".Note, if you have used a lower quality track on your i-device than on the computer it is the lower quality track you will get. Before doing anything I would check your actual media folder.i Tunes relies upon the file and its record of additions and deletions to be correct.Let us know it goes, and which bugs were fixed after installing the i OS 11.3.1 update.You can use an i Phone or i Pad that's already running i OS 11 to automatically set up a new device.I also just updated to and have a similar problem.My music seems to be there but my playlists are all gone. My playlist folders are still there, and most of them appear to be 100% intact.


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