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Building homes, early Americans would have used the materials at hand — and in the early colonies, that would have meant a lot of pine. These trees blanketed Northeast America (more on this subject further down).The Wikipedia page on pinus strobus also says: species, was a highly desired wood since huge, knot-free boards were the rule rather than the exception.

Pine was also a favorite tree of loggers since pine logs can still be processed in a lumber mill a year or more after being cut down. Fast forward to the middle of the 20th century, fast-growing pine remained an easy wood to obtain.

Further information is on the website howdy do, mystery solved.

Thank you, Steven, we will feature your book when it comes out — and I for one plan to read it.

Hey, I’m also going to my library today to get a copy of The Pickwick Papers to read. There is no doubt in our mind that pickwick pine paneling was massively popular in American homes after World War II — we will venture to guess it was the #1 most popular pine paneling pattern.

Some googling found this reference to pickwick pine — a 1956 ad in the Nashua, New Hampshire Telegraph.


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