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And while you’re probably feeling super uncomfortable and really antsy to get those babies out, you’re doing a really good thing for their health by sticking it out.37 weeks pregnant is the perfect time to brush up on the signs of labor.We just want you to be prepared.) The various signs of labor tend to fall into two categories—those that mean it’s coming soon and those that mean it’s happening now.You’ll go into labor soon if you notice these signs of labor at 37 weeks (though we can’t say how soon—every pregnancy is different. ): Your doctor will tell you at what point to get your 37 weeks pregnant belly to the hospital.If your health care provider approves air travel and your plans are flexible, the best time to fly might be during your second trimester.This is when the risks of common pregnancy emergencies are the lowest.

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It made me crazy when people told me to “sleep while you still can” in the final stretch.Having a baby-friendly pad definitely gives you an edge on this whole new parent thing. Here’s what you might be feeling this week: 37 weeks pregnant with twins?57 percent of twins are born before pregnancy week 37, so if your twosome is still hanging in there, you’re in the minority among moms of multiples.The duration of the flight also should be considered.Similarly, your health care provider and many airlines might restrict travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy.The profile is designed to gauge baby’s well-being using the ultrasound and the results of a non-stress test.For moms who are 37 weeks pregnant with twins, your doctor might talk to you about induction or C-section (depending on your medical history and babies’ statuses).If your water has broken, your doctor could advise that you be admitted right away, because you may need to be monitored for infection.If you’re having contractions, they’ll probably need to be happen consistently five minutes or less apart before many hospitals will admit you, so the farther away you are, the sooner you’ll need to leave your home.If you go into labor naturally, that’s totally cool, but there’s no need to rush things.Once you hit 39 weeks, which is considered “full term,” you can feel free to take a long walk, have sex, or have acupuncture done in hopes of naturally inducing labor. It can make a big difference in the health of your baby at birth.


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