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The most notable ones include: - Legia Warsaw, Zagłębie Sosnowiec, Olimpia Elbląg - ŁKS Łódź, Zawisza Bydgoszcz and GKS Tychy - Arka Gdynia, Zagłębie Lubin and Polonia Bytom - Motor Lublin, Górnik Łęczna, Chełmianka Chełm, sometimes collectively called the "Eastern Horde" (Wschodnia Horda) or the Eastern coalition as the three clubs are one of the furthest towards the east of the country - GKS Tychy, Cracovia, Sandecja Nowy Sącz - Stomil Olsztyn, Hutnik Kraków, Wisła Płock These coalitions mean that although each club has its own rivalries and derbies, on the basis of "my friend's friend is my friend too" and "my friend's enemy is my enemy too", they add a lot of rivalries and derbies as very often, fans from all of the coalition clubs are present at a certain team's matches.

This is a list of the main sporting local derbies in Poland.

Many sports teams in Poland have organised supporter groups who are actively in involved in either the ultras scene or the hooligan scene.

There are many interesting sidebar stories that come with the BC Derby each year and with that thought in mind it seems like an appropriate time to play a little game of ? 1) that dating back to 1990, retired jockey Sam Krasner holds the record of winning the BC Derby four times with Wandering (1999), Bobbin For Stars (1997), Humpty’s Hoedown (1993) and Ever Steady (1990).

2) that Richard Hamel can tie Krasner’s record with a Derby win Saturday following his victories aboard Second City (2012), Majestically (2010) and Fancy As (2001).


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