The single moms dating diary

But every now and then, mama has to send baby boy away to a two-week summer camp for some me time when she says, “Gurl, I’m so tired! ” By now most of you know that moms are very protective of their children.

We also know that mama didn’t make that baby on her own, which gives me the perfect opportunity to plug-in single fathers.

WHEN I told Tom*, a guy I was dating, that I didn’t want to see him any more as we ‘wanted different things’, he probably thought I meant marriage and commitment.

You know, the things women are so unimaginatively accused of wanting more than men?

The majority of single parents I know don’t embody one of those characteristics.

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There isn’t many dating sites that end up been listed here for many reasons! When I became a single mother, someone laughed and told me I now had a baby daddy. Images of a man wearing a “wife beater” undershirt, drinking a 40 ounce bottle of beer, and yelling, “I ain’t paying some chick child support for her to get her hur and nails did, pay her utility bills, and have some other dude watch premium cable on her new TV,” came to mind.Yes, that is an EXAGGERATED stereotype to drive home my point.What about another situation when your child’s father drops your kid over his mother’s house that is known to give kids shots of Hennessy to get them to go to bed early?In these situations, you will generally hear the phrase, “She better not be around my child!There is a certain level of stress that can come with dating a man with children just as there are with childless men.Men with no children can be used to dating woman without children which means they are used to a woman’s full attention and the thought of sharing time with your child can put a mother in uncompromising situations. “My baby is so smart.” There is no bigger cheerleader for a child than you know who—their mama.But a dating a man who is having a hard time sharing you with your kids isn’t that bad I guess. To see their child perform on any stage at any level can bring out the most obnoxious screams and cheers that will make any childless person never want to be your friend. When a two month old begins to string sounds together, you always see their mom with the biggest smile on her face followed by, “My baby talk so good.” Seeing their child sit the bench at a sporting event while the way more talented players play tends to make fans hear, “Put my baby in the game!” The point is, mothers truly love their children and want nothing but the best for them. Coming up on Diary of a First Time Mom, the other half of the viral video Sh!Later, she would come home, take her shoes off, sit down, and never go to the grocery store.The average day can make any person tired beyond belief.


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