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The area has many hotels, saloons, and other buildings.One of the most notable sections of downtown is Whiskey Row.The area exudes Old West history, and quite a few of the buildings date to the 1800s.Most all of them have been beautifully restored to the way they would have looked in the time period.The park offers several recreational activities including picnicking, fishing, hiking, volleyball, and horseshoes.The small lake has fifteen acres of surface area and is perfect for kayaking and canoeing as well as fishing.

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Many bars were built in the reconstruction, and at one point they numbered forty saloons on one block.The concentration of saloons is indicative of the type of visitors Prescott attracted during the time.The gold rush drew cowboys, prospectors, gamblers, and a fair share of outlaws to the small town.Guests who wish to stay overnight have several campground options with both tent and RV campsites available.Address: 344 South Cortez Street, Prescott, AZ 86303, Phone: 928-443-8000 Whiskey Row is a part of Prescott’s downtown historic district that is especially concentrated with historic saloons.The difficulty level is rated as moderate, though much of the trail is paved and features clearly marked signs.The primary uses are hiking, nature walks, and road biking.The Peavine Trail passes along the southeastern side of the lake and goes into the Granite Dells region. Bikers, horseback riders, hikers, and joggers utilize the multi-use trial, which is fairly easy.Birds galore inhabit the area, which is endorsed by Audubon as a premier place to birdwatch.Additionally there are opportunities for rock-climbing and bouldering as well as campsites available during the summer.Address: 3101 Watson Lake Road, Prescott, Arizona 86301, Phone: 928-777-1122 The Sharlot Hall Museum is an open-air museum dedicated to the history and local folklore of Yavapai County.


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