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(I'd love to see that...) Chapter 01: Office Bitch Tags: No sex (yet)Megan sighed as she looked at the mountain of paperwork on her desk.For almost five years she had worked at Chem-Silon, a major conglomerate dealing in pharmaceuticals, and was finally close to calling it quits, her eyes moving from the files and folders to the job postings she was secretly flicking through on her phone.

" Jennifer responded, immediately jumping out of her seat and hurrying through the door. She shook herself out of her distraction and showed him to the waiting area for his interview.

It took about a second for her to decide it wouldn't do a damn thing.

Stephanie had everyone she needed wrapped around her finger and she knew it.

She was a natural blonde but had for years dyed her shoulder-length hair a deep burgundy red, matching her fiery temper. "But....""Get your things and have security escort you out. I now have to spend part of the day trying to find a replacement." Stephanie pointed to the door, tossing the cup of coffee into the waste basket with just the same amount of care that she'd fired Jennifer. She had barely looked at the credentials but had instead peered at the image provided with the paperwork before making up her mind. She pulled another shortlisted candidate from the pile and handed it to her boss. "But he was born and raised in New York."Stephanie crumpled the file into a ball."I have a lot of important data to take care of. Megan assumed he was a relative or friend and she simply shrugged, happy that Alison had had the grace to leave the decision in her hands and not simply force her to shortlist him. Dark hair, cheekbones to die for and a bright smile. She was smiley and peppy, not the sour grump everyone else knew her to be.

Her skin was creamy white and just a few tiny freckles dotted the bridge of her petite, upturned nose. The young girl hesitated for a moment, then turned to leave. A second later, Stephanie huffed and looked at Megan with disbelief."... Then again, when David wasn't around, her more familiar traits returned. After all, it wasn't his fault that the bitch was just trying to get into his pants. He worked casually at his own pace and Stephanie never complained to him once about his performance like she had with Jennifer or any of the other ousted assistants. I'm so lucky we found you."David shrugged, looking a little shy.


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