Tasuta dating veebilehel

Registration fee is 5€ for those registering before the 9th of June and 10€ otherwise. You are also expected to pay the registration fees for previous competitions in Estonia where you failed to attend but confirmed your registration. If you ignore the email, your registration will be discarded. Follow the instructions found in the confirmation email which you will receive a couple of weeks before the competition. Pay your registration fee after arriving to the venue. It is recommended to check your inbox as well as your spam folder multiple times before the competition. In order to finalise your registration, it is mandatory to follow the instructions specified in the email. Järgima kinnitusmeilis toodud juhiseid, mis saadetakse teile mõni nädal enne võistlust. You can pay on the spot, when you arrive at the venue. We strongly advise competitors to pre-register on the WCA website well in advance. A couple of weeks before the competition, confirmation emails will be sent out.The travellers’ right for discount will be checked in the same way as with private clients during the purchasing of tickets.When purchasing the ticket, it will be checked whether your company is the owner, responsible user or user of the vehicle of which registration number was entered. discounts and the procedure for providing discounts, has been established with the Regulation No 120 “Ticket prices and travel discounts for regular services on the Kuivastu-Virtsu, Rohuküla-Heltermaa and Sõru-Triigi ferry lines, based on a public service contract“ that was enforced by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure.Therefore, if you find out that you cannot compete, inform the organisers as soon as possible. Maksta saab kohapeal, kui saabute võistluspaika ja ainult sularahas.

Kuulsad püramiidid ja Sfinks, mis on maailma üks vanimaid monumentaalskulptuure, ei ole aga kaugeltki ainukesed põhjused, milleks siinse päikese alla reisida.

Järgmine kord kui te Eestis võistelda tahate, peate maksma lisaks osavõtutasule ka oma koguvõla.

Me arvestame võlgasid alates Tartu Open 2017 võistluselt.

On soovitatav kontrollida oma sisend- ja spämmikausta mitu korda enne võistlust.

Kui te korraldajate meilile ei reageeri, siis teie registreering tühistatakse.


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