Strategies for online dating

Even on your busiest day, it’s important to make time for the love of your life.

If you and your significant other have slacked off when it comes to spending quality time together, stop right now.

By being able to openly and honestly discuss anything, learn how to argue fairly, and manage one another’s emotional expectations, you and your partner will be better equipped to weather any relationship storm. By simply opening up those lines of communication, you’re better able to rediscover an intimate relationship with your significant other and nip any other issues in the bud.

The fact is, during any long term partnership there will be bumps in the road. Strategy #6: Express your needs Sometimes the best secret to avoiding the 7-year itch is as simple as telling your partner what you need.

In doing so, you may rediscover what you love about each other, and ultimately deepen the bond you share.

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We have PMS, men screw us over all the time, and the only thing other guys want is to get in our pants. If the message they send you has nothing to do with your profile, chances are he copied and pasted it. Moving on to something different can be a turn-off. I’ve learned that, with online dating, it’s usually the woman’s fault that the guys we aren’t interested in are the only ones contacting us.

And while some of those habits can be good (always ending the day with a goodnight kiss, making coffee for your sleepy spouse, always remembering to take out the trash, etc.) some can be detrimental or downright demeaning.

For example, if one or both of you start taking the other one for granted, if either or both of you adopt a condescending tone in communicating with your spouse, or if you start seeking emotional comfort and intimacy from members of the opposite sex other than your partner, etc.

They’re the ones who constantly nag, belittle and fight with their partner over every little thing.

Do you want to be that person or the kind of person whose relationship is blissful because they’ve let go of the need to always have the last word, the right answer, or prove their partner wrong? Before any relationship reaches its breaking point, couples should take stock, identify relationship road blocks, and commit their collective energies to remedy the situation.


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