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You have to be here to show your daughter how a man should treat her,'" he says. "'You can't do it if you're playing me second to your mama.'" If that doesn't work, Steve suggests appealing to the "three Ps" -- profess, provide and protect. All you've got to do is stay patient." Why do many successful, independent women have a hard time finding love?

I am talking about a subject I am an absolute expert on and that is manhood. I don’t know a man who is, but I am an expert on manhood. I don’t care how much we make, what we do for a living, what our religion is or what color we are. So when I sat down to write this book, I wrote it from the standpoint of what I was an expert at and from where I had the greatest source of information — and that was all of my friends who happen to be men. It is real conversation from a man who has no ulterior motive other than to tell them the truth.They are from all walks of life — ballplayers, actors, truck drivers, insurance salesmen, guys I worked in the factory with when I was at Ford motors, and my father. e Harmony: So how are you friends reacting to your giving away their secrets?I found that we teach this thought process to our sons. Steve Harvey: All of my friends are really cool with it. "You can't let your independence and your ability to take care of yourself be the dominant factor of who you are," he says. ' Just like you're saying it, you're projecting it. Sex, or "the cookie" as Steve calls it in his book, is a major point of contention for many couples. If you've got everything, you can do everything, you've got your own car ... Instead, he says strong women have to walk a thin line. Move on with your life." How important is sex in a relationship?Then I teach women how to get how to get those things from a particular candidate that they are interested in.e Harmony: What are the biggest mistakes women make when dating?Steve Harvey Dares Tyler Posey To Kiss An Audience Member Since Tyler Posey and Lucy Hale are starring in a movie called 'Truth Or Dare' it's only fair that they play a quick game. 7-Year-Old Gets A Surprise From Her Soccer Idol And Adorably Loses It 7-year-old 'Little Big Shots' star Ariana is such a huge fan of Brazilian soccer player Neymar.You will actually cry when you see her reaction to his surprise for her. It's all about the "three P's." Can a list help you find love? "A man has got to see where he fits into the providing and protecting role. ' "You've got to make a space for him to fit in so he can come in and do what men do." Steve doesn't advise women to downplay their success or pack up their designer shoes. There are millions of smart, beautiful women around the world who can't figure out why they're unlucky in love, including a group of friends from New York. Steve says many successful women dated good men but didn't know it at the time. Even if you look like a million bucks -- and you have a few million in the bank -- Steve says a woman needs to know how a man shows his love.


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    Lee Koromvokis: You spend a lot of time talking about the parallels between the job market and the dating market.