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I did not take up the opportunity to grab a copy from Chimera Games and instead stood by my pre-order from Wayland Games.

I contacted them and asked if they could give me a date for its release.

The RRP on Imperial Assault is £93, Fleet Captains is £80 and Star Trek Frontiers is £74.

In the Staes the RRP of Imperial Assault and Ascendancy are both 0 so I'd expect Ascendancy to RRP in the UK between £80 & £90! Wayland games seems to think the RRP is £65 but I'd be very surprised if that were the case based on the above.

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Accordingly, I have been given these (expected) release dates: Star Trek Ascendancy (base game): mid-October Cardassian Union: mid-November Farengi Alliance: mid-December I am presuming this will hold true for other stores in the UK. I've played my copy 3 times now since then and enjoyed it immensely each time, though have yet to secure a win! I pre-ordered the two expansions with Board Game Extras as they were a much more sensible price (I buy a lot of stuff from them and their service and delivery is great).

In the meanwhile, I actually bought 12 each of blue/white dots, red/black dots, grey/black dots dice and am secretly happy about it.

(I am presuming that if distribution problems affect delivery to Board Game Extras then they will to Wayland also - but note that is my assumption). not online heavily discounted ones) Chimera Nottingham has copies in store now for purchase. Since Gale Force Nine is local to them they were able to secure a bunch of copies for a demo day we had on 17th!

We even got to play with the acrylic cardassian expansion!

I've played my copy 3 times now since then and enjoyed it immensely each time, though have yet to secure a win!

Chimera charge RRP but I'm not sure about these ones as they came direct from GF9... There's a bunch of stuff in the box (90 ship minis for a start) so I can't imagine them being cheap.


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