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We believe that as women our potential to transform, grow and empower is infinite.

We believe that harnessing our feminine wisdom and energy is key to this awakening. We encourage individual expression, wisdom and self empowerment.

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This retreat offers a variety of disciplines; from sharing circles, healing foods, meditation, sound healing within the caves of Mother Earth, silent walks in the forest, experiential rituals, activation of our sensual energy bodies to reprogramming the mind by letting go of old believes.

We will discuss the importance of our thoughts and feelings.

We will share our hurts, use grounding techniques, sound healing, heart opening, deep tissue and energy massage, meditation, and other techniques to allow you to transcend the intellectual self and travel deeper to the authentic heart self.

We will reconnect with the alchemy of sacred ritual and opening doorways.

We will also explore the endless possibilities of orgasmic energy to manifest your dreams and life goals.


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