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Applying parts will improve a vehicle's level from its stock rating to its maximum rating based upon the quality level of the performance parts installed, of which can be rated between 1 to 18.Performance parts can be acquired from Tune-Up-Shops across Fortune Valley as well as from rewards for completing events and opening Shipments.(In fact, you could argue that Marvel the Continuity Nod.) Many of these comic books have been the basis for movies, TV series or both.Many TV series and movies set in the Marvel Universe take place in and around New York.Players can also swap their vehicle before entering an event.A side bet is an optional wager that can be placed at the beginning of an event.Taking place in the fictional Fortune Valley, players can purchase new cars or rebuild abandoned derelicts, and can customise their vehicles with parts they either win or buy.They can use those rides to participate in races, missions, and activities in single player or multiplayer Speed Lists.

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Abandoned cars are a series of cars that can not be purchased from a dealership or unlocked through career progression.

Numerous teasers were released leading up to the game's reveal on June 2, 2017 such as an initial reveal of the game's setting with an Under the Hood article and multiple tweeted images leading up to June 2nd.

An in depth look at the game was shown at Electronic Arts' EA Play event in Hollywood, Los Angeles on June 10, 2017.

Each has their own skill level, racing discipline, style, and crew boss.

Defeating them is important in making it to the Outlaw's Rush.


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