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An Evil Prince can also do that if he's impatient enough.

It's the ultimate mark of an Enfant Terrible or Antagonistic Offspring, the end result of a Betrayal by Offspring, and a likely origin of an Evil Orphan.

A hub of life in the town was the company store, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places; it still stands at the corner of First Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

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It can also be justifiable if said parent was going to be Offing the Offspring anyway, and needed to defend him/herself and had no choice.Roslyn, which lies on the route to Stampede Pass, provided the coal for the railway construction work as well as the continuing railroad operations.Between 18, immigrant workers from countries such as Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Lithuania, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia as well as from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales came to work in the mines.Roslyn's peak coal mine production of nearly 2 million tons was reached in 1910.As coal-fired steam trains were being replaced by diesel power, the mines began to shut down in the 1920s.As Roslyn was a "company town", life in the early years was centered around the production of coal.Most of the citizens of the town worked either for the Northern Pacific Coal Company or in one of the smaller businesses monopolized by the company, or were family members of someone who did.If said parent's child also happens to be a Mook of the parent, it can also overlap into The Dog Bites Back. Roslyn in located in the Cascade Mountains, about 80 miles east of Seattle.These immigrants maintained the traditions of their homelands, as seen in the historic Roslyn Cemetery, with its 26 sections for distinct ethnic and lodge cemetery areas.Many Roslyn residents today are descendants of these immigrant miners.


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