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The friendship is more important than the show, isn't it?"Sinitta went on to reveal that she's been in contact with Simon since he recently fell ill.'' Last year I had a breast cancer scare and was having a biopsy done so I missed it and this year I was excited to be clear, healthy and fearless and they did this," she said.'' I am single and wanted to work to get through this phase.There was also romance in the air for radio DJ Roman Kemp, who impressed his date Lucy with his impression of Sir David Attenborough and pictures of his father, Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp.

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Celebrity First Dates was back on Thursday evening and it saw famous faces Sinitta, Roman Kemp and Matt Terry search for love. ‘It’s an ongoing battle, because someone keeps changing it – so we have to log on again and change it almost every day.’ While it’s not clear whether Sinitta was aware of the age blunder or whether it was down to the producers, we’re still none the wiser as to how old the star actually is…But they have no class so if they think they can do it and get away with it, a massive sensitivity chip is missing.The So Macho singer, who enjoyed success in the 1980s, was one of the stars looking to find love in the charity special of the Channel 4 reality programme for Stand Up To Cancer.Sinitta has hit out at music mogul Simon Cowell after being axed in favour of Cheryl as guest mentor in the Judges Houses round of The X Factor.The 53-year-old So Macho singer, who dated Cowell on-and-off for 20 years, has accused the 57-year-old of breaking his promise of keeping her involved in the popular singing competition.Viewers were left cringing for Simon Cowell's friend as it became awkwardly clear that her long-haired date had no idea who she was.As the pair began to get to know each other, Sinitta asked Fred: "What music are you into?Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Sinitta said: '' I will always love Simon.He is like a father figure meets brother figure and ex-lover figure to me, and of course my mentor for over three decades. Usually, this is a role that he has always given to the 'So Macho' singer – and she was furious with the snub. He's like a father figure meets brother figure and ex-lover figure to me, and of course my mentor for over three decades.But right now, he can kiss my black ass."However, the pair have now kissed and made up, and she's currently feeling somewhat embarrassed by the drama.


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