Shroud of turin carbon dating problems

Clearly neither he nor the producers thought that one through.Research has shown the weight of the body can’t be supported by nails there.You’ll note in most early depictions of the crucifixion (see here), the nails are through the hands, not through wrists as depicted in the Shroud.Why would a medieval photographer creating a fake vary from the expected depiction and risk rejection of his work as a forgery for what would be considered an obvious mistake?Examination of the Shroud has determined that some of the stains in Shroud are blood stains.Since a photograph would not result in actual blood stains, which Allen acknowledges, to account for them he suggests the blood was painted on after the photo was taken.This first episode (and thus presumably the rest of the series) is clearly biased against evidence that confirms the veracity of Christian claims.

Below is further exposition and clarification on some of those evidences, and the addition of new evidence from an effort to date the Shroud apart from Carbon dating.In my opinion, this is the oldest sample we have of a phenomenon we now call photography.”NASA developed the VP-8 image analyzer to analyze images from satellites and medical resources.The VP-8 plots the light and dark areas of an image onto a three dimensional grid.Obviously a documentary cannot be expected to present every piece of evidence, but certainly some of the well established evidences – especially those which contradicts your proposed theory – should be presented – if the goal is to present a fair and balanced piece of journalism.Of course if you’re not interested in fair and balanced reporting, then liberal usage of the fallacy of suppressed evidence is a viable course, and the route which they have obviously chosen for this episode, and presumably the series.The position of the thumb as depicted in the Shroud – under the hand – is consistent with the piercing of the median nerve by the nail.The effect – to flex the thumb against the palm so it is not visible – is depicted in the Shroud.But there are problems with that theory that he and the producers are either unaware of, or elected not to present.“When someone is tortured, as the Bible tells us Jesus was during his crucifixion, red blood cell walls are ruptured releasing hemoglobin into the body.The hemoglobin is quickly broken down, creating high levels of bilirubin, and the wounds begin to clot.All other facial photos analyzed by the VP-8 yield the same distorted result.Only the 2 Dimensional photo image of the Shroud returns a true 3D result from the analyzer with true 3D dimensions.


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