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“I left that conversation with him not just admitting that he was jealous but also he had feelings, and you kind of alluded to wanting to be with me,” says Iaconetti.“I remember you said ‘I’m gonna keep dating [Kevin],'” says Haibon.“I thought ‘Okay, well that’s everything I’ve ever wanted, but I’m definitely gonna continue dating this other guy,'” she says. “I just knew in my heart at that point that it wasn’t right with Kevin.

“I remember just being so comfortable with you and how easily we got along …You were just so down to earth and easy-going, ambitious … I wanted you that night.” Adds Iaconetti: “I knew that he was looking at me!” Though they frequently hung out several times throughout the fall and were “flirty” with each other, the timing just wasn’t right. trip to spend time with Iaconetti, and their relationship took a turn for the worse.With their mutual friends urging Iaconetti to move on from Haibon, the duo agreed to see other people for their second go on in 2016. I was trying to tell you we weren’t gonna be together because I wanted you to move on [and] be happy.” The drama continued after Mexico, and “we had so many arguments that summer when it was airing,” says Iaconetti.But Iaconetti “came in like a roller coaster,” recalls Haibon. Those many fights helped them build a stronger bond, however, and “that kicked off a solid year of just friendship.” Eventually, however, Haibon went into a “dark hole” and became “really withdrawn [and] almost resentful and angry,” says a tearful Iaconetti, who even had a “daybed” for Haibon when he would visit her in L. Explains Haibon: “I think sometimes you imagine like you’re in this rainy day constantly and you just accept that as life. Even if I had a two percent doubt about our relationship, then I probably shouldn’t do it because I don’t want to risk losing you as a friend.” Haibon eventually signed up to do …He tells me every day that he’s the luckiest man alive,” she says.Adds Haibon: “I’m living proof that you should listen to your gut, and that it’s not too late.But people who haven’t been a part of our day-to-day lives ask us ‘Wait, how did this happen?’ With this show, it gave me an opportunity to elaborate more than just saying ‘I’m an idiot.'” fans know Iaconetti has been enamored with her boyfriend since she first laid eyes on him in 2015, what they might not know is that Haibon also immediately felt a deep connection to her pretty early on.I was constantly scared of another girl coming in and catching your eye,” explains Iaconetti.“I was overthinking every little thing that came out of my mouth.” Though Haibon “dumped” Iaconetti on the show, “I never felt like it was over between us after together, the couple built a strong friendship — but also became the definition of “it’s complicated.” During a weekend spent in Virginia with their friends for a charity event Iaconetti was planning, Haibon saw her in a different light. “That was such a different experience being with someone in the show and in real life.


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