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There are groups on VKontakte (the most popular Russian social network) where people post photos and videos of girls who, as they suppose, are “disgracing Russia” with their flirtations.

The site’s administration by Platon Besedin, a Russian writer, who wrote: “We are proud with Russia denouncing stereotypes of itself but there is one that lives on during the World Cup – that Russian women are easily accessible…” “We bred a generation of whores ready to open their legs as soon as they hear a foreign language,” Besedin continues, blaming everything on the “matrix of worshipping the West.” His column provoked public outrage. “Angry Russian men cannot understand that a woman is also a person who may want to have sex with whoever she wants…

but I met five girls and all of them were up for it.” that Tinder’s traffic swelled by 11 times in June compared to the previous six months.Keep up with this story and more They show the fans encouraging local women to sing "Buceta Rosa" – which sounds like a Russian phrase for bouquet of roses, but in fact has a obscene meaning in Portuguese (literally ‘pink vagina'.)The viral videos provoked outrage back in Brazil where one of the men who featured in them lost his job, and were criticized by the United Nations women's rights office in Brazil, which described the behavior as “unacceptable.”There was also reaction from Russian nationalist trolls.On Russian social networking site VKontakte, women who posted pictures of themselves with foreign fans have been subjected to harassment and death threats.All Russian Amateurs is famous for being an inexhaustible source of free porn collected in one place from all porn tubes on web where sinful bitches and horny men are having sex on every erotic clip.Teens and mature lesbian sluts are waiting on you in free xxx video galleries. “These [mixed race] kids suffer and have suffered since Soviet times.”But as the tournament progressed, it seems Pletnyova’s warning had little effect, with local media reporting a surge in activity on dating app Tinder.Videos uploaded by male Brazilian fans have proved a flashpoint.Love (and/or lust) is in the air during this World Cup – however, not everyone is happy about the amorous vibes. I'm not a nationalist, but nonetheless,” Pletnyova went on, noting that it’s better when sexual partners are of the same race, and expressed fear that fans who have sex with Russian women will leave them with fatherless children.Russian women to resist the temptation of getting frisky with foreigners. , some people believe politicians have no right to approve or disapprove of any kind of personal relationships, including sexual.“Will there be girls that will meet [with men] and become pregnant? “There is no difference, who they try to forbid us to have sex with: A neighbor or a foreigner, a woman or a man, before, during, or after the World Cup.It’s just nobody’s business,” Yekaterina Tropova, columnist at Intrusive as they may be, it’s not only politicians taking an interest in Russian women’s relations with foreigners.


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