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This stops you from being in unhealthy relationships.This allows you to say, “I don’t feel that I have to set any consequences for your actions….I may make this a reality the way some of you are going! We cannot accept substandard treatment, least of all from ourselves.

What is it that is in your head and in your past that is telling you that this sh*tty, horrible relationship, that this horrible way of being – is the best that you can do?We can not basically say, “This is the standard that I’m setting for myself and you can do whatever the hell you like”. Treat but because once you start to treat you with love, care, trust and respect, not only will you not accept less than what you can already do for yourself but you will also align you with entirely different people and situations.You will find that you come from a place of love as opposed to coming from a place of crushing you, or of trying to always go around and please and serve others. And much to the dismay of the city of Pittsburgh, I hand them out like candy. There’s even a spiffy slogan for the dilemma — “.” If information of this nature were to “emanate” from your cell phone… The Pittsburgh Pirates are more likely to win the Super Bowl as the Steelers take the World Series. It would be specifically attenuated to create hysteria. And if you believe there’s some top secret, real-time contingency plan for either scenario, (spoken like Pittsburgh’s Super Genius Mark Madden). This could finally shed some light on Trump’s unwavering support from the evangelicals! I assure you, this brand of fake news/disinformation would easily become weaponized. In order to make technically informed behavioral decisions, OODA feedback loops require time. This conflict, a fundamentally generic “crack in the system,” cannot be mitigated or substantively reconciled. Attention: Pittsburgh sports fans The 3 Rivers 5K Challenge If you can convince Art Rooney II (Heinz Field), Bob Nutting (PNC Park) and/or Mario Lemieux (PPG Paints Arena) to disseminate the following public safety message… Established protocol dictates using the public address system in tandem with the video monitors. Despite what our government (DHS, FCC, NCS4, etc.) and private industry (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, etc.) opt to deliberately conceal, you are allowed to be cognizant of this tiny, little snippet of basic public safety info. well duh, some person or malicious entity is actively trying to force an unscheduled evacuation. Well, in order to indiscriminately murder innocent civilians. Also, you’d likely be receiving the information second-hand, from those you implicitly trust, i.e., family and friends. Now maybe you’re an ardent Trump supporter who believes the President can do no wrong. Regardless of validity, credibility or attempts to verify. Social media experts use the term “info-bomb,” but I prefer the term “viral blitzkrieg,” as it captures the essence of such an attack. And that’s where those genetically ingrained herding instincts kick in. Because it represents the biggest bang for your buck. If it feels as if this person is the sole source of your happiness and at the same time, they’re the source of your misery, you can see where that person has become very skewed in your head and has become the thing that you are dependent on for your sense of self, for your emotions, for any sense of value here on earth, but that doesn’t have to continue. And nine times out of ten, what they’re asking for is permission to break up with their significant other…Why would I offer ,000 of my own money to assist the wealthiest sports owners in Western Pennsylvania, two of them billionaires, regarding a generic human rights issue in the realm of venue security? This involves the prospect of twenty, simultaneous human stampedes. To prevent mass injury and loss of life in a black swan event that could rival 9/11. Lest we forget, we are the hyper-capitalist capital of the world — ’Merica. It needs to be at the point where we’re feeling so desperate to keep someone in our life that we’re willing to let go of everything that needs to matter to us – our sense of self, our values, and most certainly, our boundaries and standards.It pains me when readers tell me harrowing stories of how they’re near begging somebody who doesn’t treat them with love, care, trust and respect, to come back or stay.


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