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The thing is, Slavic girls in general are pretty straightforward.

It’s not uncommon for a Ukrainian girl to turn down your first attempts to kiss her. But if a girl in the west won’t kiss you, you know it’s not going to happen.She’s not interested—because western culture quick hookups. Even if you try to kiss her ten times, and she says no every time—if she’s still there, she wants to be.Just give a smile that says, “I know how this game works.” And eventually, it’ll all work out.Because of her stories it becomes clear her expectations are (usually), well—a bit unrealistic.Whereas a Ukrainian girl won’t really tell you much about her on a first date. She wants to see if you are comfortable in your own skin, or if you squirm and fill every awkward silence with more awkwardness. Your Russian or Ukrainian skills (hint: learn Russian! You’re on this date, and while she’s there with you…she’s also . You know the reputation of Slavic girls—“Ice Queens”. This is a situation that many men coming from the western world just can’t handle. Maybe her English isn’t exactly top-notch, but it’s good enough to work with.They’re bitchy, demanding, and simply not feminine.The girls in Ukraine They will dote on you and shower you with affection–as long as you are a strong enough man.So, are you ready to meet some of the stunning Slavic beauties that blow most Western women out of the water? This post will give you all of the tools you need to meet Ukrainian girls off of Ukraine Date. This girl made the headlines for the 2016 UEFA Euro Cup soccer match, but frankly–she’s for a Ukrainian girl. But if you threw her into a major city she would blend right in.It’ll walk you through what to put on your profile, what to say in a message to them, how to move to a phone/text conversation–and finally, the best way to run your date with them. As far a personality goes, they can definitely be a bit cold at the start, especially when you meet them online.


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