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Angered and disappointed, Mc Coy orders Cutter to start investigating Shalvoy, who retaliates by lending his support to Mc Coy's opponent in the election.

In the last episode of season 19, "The Drowned and the Saved", Cutter uncovers evidence that Shalvoy tried to buy a Senate seat for his wife, and threatens him with public disgrace unless he resigns.

More than once, Mc Coy berates Cutter for reckless conduct, in the same manner as he was berated by district attorneys when he was executive assistant district attorney.

In the season 19 episode "Lucky Stiff", Mc Coy begins his election campaign for New York County District Attorney after serving the last season and a half as interim DA.

In the episode "Skate or Die", the place where his final campaign fundraiser would be held is discovered by the organizers to be owned by a man who served a 20-year prison sentence for racketeering.

Eventually, the final campaign fundraiser is held at a Chinese seafood restaurant with a kosher section.

Currently, the weekday edition is anchored by the team of Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Josh Elliott, Sam Champion, and Lara Spencer.

Together, they bring a unique brand of news covering all areas of the country with their own personal flare.

This causes Mc Coy political havoc during a murder case where the motive was racism against illegal immigrants of Hispanic descent.

While he is a brilliant legal mind, Mc Coy has more than a few personal demons.

He was abused by his father, an Irish Chicago policeman who had also beat Jack's mother, and who eventually died of cancer.

Mc Coy is found in contempt of court 80 times for such behavior, and his tactics occasionally incur negative publicity for the DA's office.

His underlying motivation, however, is not, he maintains, corruption, but a sincere desire to see justice done.


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