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Down below the flats and passages are similarly being cleaned and washed, mopped and dried.

And so to a Well-earned Breakfast Again the bugle rings out - this time the call is for Guard and Band.

"Crushers" and Boatswain's Mates hail the waking sailors with "All 'ands, All' ands; Roust out and shine there, roust out and-shine! Still some of the older hands do not stir: they cock a wary eye over the canvas lip of their hammock and tuck down for "just another snore." Rude hands, however, seize the hammock and shake it: ruder backs get underneath it and bump it - and in the end all are out on the deck, dressing.

Then a scramble for a wash, the hammocks are unslung, lashed and stowed away in the hammock bins, under the bitter eye of the Duty Mess Deck Petty Officer, and the night is over.

He must allow for a number of men being detached from ship routine for the various training duties required by the gunnery and torpedo officers.It is the same at the after-end of the ship where the midshipmen also are astir and turning out, "cleaning" into cricket shirts and grey flannels, for they have a good half-hour's "P. Again the loud-speaker hails the mess-deck "Away picquet-boat." This is the first boat of the day, and its crew hurry on deck and man their boat over the lower-boom.lts engine-room staff has already got steam ready and, taking in tow a couple of cutters from the boom-lizards, the steamboat drops down to the port gangway to collect the Marine postman who will bring early newspapers - and the midshipman of the boat who wasn't quick enough to man her over the boom!The cutters are wanted to bring off those Libertymen who have been ashore all night on leave.Sorting Out for the Great Clean-up The next item of routine is to get the ship clean, and throughout the ship the bugles ring out Watches for exercise fall in, One by one and in groups of twos and threes "the hands" appear from every forward hatchway.Next, "Call men under punishment," and there's a time set down for that, for one of the means of expiating a minor "jankers" crime in the Navy is to have to turn out before the rest of the hands.Now comes "Call the hands: lash up and stow: hands to wash and dress." That will be printed in heavy black type for it is a "key time." The Regulating Staff (crushers) post themselves at vantage points on the mess-decks; the boatswain's mates and buglers take up their posts; the Marine Corporal of the Gangway stands by the ship's bell; the Quartermaster switches on the ship's broadcast system and stands, "pipe" in hand, watching the clock.Down in the Marine "Barracks" there is much final polishing of buttons and brass instruments, much settling of tunics and squaring of belts and side-arms and the ship's Marine Guard and Marine Band comes trooping up on to the midship deck where a Royal Marine Officer is already waiting for them.The Guard falls in and is inspected minutely by the Marine Officer: the Band falls in abaft the Guard.Someone passes the word to the engine-room to "start the fire-main": streams of water are soon cascading everywhere.Squads of sailors in seaboots with hard scrubbers scrub steadily and evenly across* (*Scrubbing across the grain makes more noise than scrubbing with the grain and therefore conveys the impression (entirely false) of great effort!


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