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In this case Russian and Ukrainian women are an ideal option.

People all over the world know that the most charming women live in Russia and Ukraine.

Circulated, current-issue bills (dates 1976 and later, with green seals) are worth . They are still being printed (latest series dated 2008) although in much smaller quantities than other denominations. Modern ones will always be worth two dollars and you can get as many as you wish from a bank. "Silver Certificates" There were no silver certificates in any of the common series.

If they are in crisp, uncirculated condition the retail value could be double that. From 1928 to 1963, bills were issued only as United States Notes, distinguishable by their red seals.

Russian and Ukrainian brides are excellent homemakers.

Great cooking skills are one story, but creating a cozy atmosphere at home is another one.

Inspired by stories of successful international marriages, men started to look for beauties from various countries.

They're still being printed, but in comparatively small numbers.So no matter what you are searching for at the online dating site, friendship or marriage, we are sure that you are going to have a very pleasant experience!Our girls from Russia and Ukraine will open their hearts and souls to you, and perhaps here you'll find your one and only girl that will make you happy! In fact, although this term is very popular, it is already obsolete in meaning. Some typical retail values are: 1928: -10 circulated / up to uncirculated 1928A: -10 circulated / 5 uncirculated 1928B: -85 circulated / 0 uncirculated 1928C: -10 circulated / 0 uncirculated 1928D: -8 circulated / uncirculated 1928E: -12 circulated / uncirculated 1928F, G: -8 circulated / uncirculated 1953, 53A, B, C: -3 circulated / uncirculated 1963, 63A: -5 circulated / uncirculated 1976: -3 circulated / uncirculated Busting the myths: US bills have NEVER been discontinued or recalled and are STILL acceptable for use anywhere any other denomination is valid.After that they've been issued as standard green-seal Federal Reserve Notes.All US bills have their type in a banner across the top of the bill's front. In normal used condition, they are worth exactly . bills dated 1976 and newer are the ones worth face value only.They always strive to maintain their natural beauty and look their best, and any man would be proud to be accompanied by a Russian girl.Besides, they have an impeccable taste for clothes, accessories and make-up, making all men envy the lucky ones having a Russian or Ukrainian girls as wives.Of course, not, as one could write a whole book about them.One of their main peculiarities is that you'll never be bored with a Russian wife.


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