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The screen flickers and the excel macro runs slowly.

It happens when there is transition among excel files.

I have a macro in one workbook that opens another workbook and extracts data I have used Application. Activate Next i Count ' Turn off application events to prevent external workbook events from being activated Application.

Screen Updating = False in the macro but when the other Workbook is opened Screen Updating is on How can I turn off Screen Updating in the other workbook from within the calling macro? Enable Events = False If I use the watch window to look at Application. Activte line is run Unless I am missing something why not try opening the source WB, storing the data in "Get Data(i Count)" in an Array , exit the loop then ,activate This Workbook again, turnoff the sreen updating and do all the formatting work in one go by retreiving the Data stored in the Array. OK - this is a new concept which I don't quite understand.

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I have a command button on Userform1 that calls the procedure below. I have placed the Screen Updating command all throughout (Overkill Im sure) and debugged it and the immediate window always shows it set to False. The procedure calls a function "Is Numeric" and I have put the Screen Updating False at the beginning and True at the end of the function. Sub importtag() Dim filename As String Dim path As String Dim ibasemodel As String Dim Ser Num As String Dim Tag Num As String Dim IBasenum As String Dim Cust Name As String Dim Address1 As String Dim Address2 As String Dim Address3 As String Dim Partnernum As String Dim mfgdate As String Dim District As String Dim Zip Code As String Dim Zipcodeplus As String Dim lastrow As Long Dim Options As Variant Dim Quantity As Variant Dim i As Long Dim location As String Dim location1 As String Dim location2 As String Dim State As String Dim onecontrol As Object Dim percentadj As String Dim tagfind As String Dim lastrow1 As Long Dim c As Range Dim tryagain As String Dim wbook As Workbook Dim rng As Range Dim rng1 As Range Dim loc1 As String 'calc to manual to try and stop screen flashing Application.

This will mean only one call to the source workbook and only one lot of formatting needs to be done on the copied cells Thanks Right - I've almost solved it. Screen Updating = False ' Clear old data This Workbook. Screen Updating = False ' Copy range of cells from Source Set r Copy From = Range("HQ_R, Prj_R, AOCC_R, Ops_R, Maint_R") ' Define Range to copy to Set r Copy To = This Workbook. My origina code swopped back and forward between the two files giving me the wrong impression that screen updating was not working My code as it is now is OK - it would be better if the source file did not display at all - which I think you can do by treating it as a ADO recordset - will search for this Thanks for the help Workbooks. Path & "Source WB" Values To Copy Array = Active Sheet.

Hi I am trying to build a VBA modul, two lines with the command (Application.

I have posted some code below, it sorts the sheet within the range everytime a value is changed putting the highest value at the top, the trouble is when it performs this the screen flickers while its calculating no matter what i do!!!! or is there a way of stopping the flicker because it looks horrendous? Sort Key1:=Range("T2"), Order1:=xl Descending, Header:=xl Guess, _ Order Custom:=1, Match Case:=False, Orientation:=xl Top To Bottom, _ Data Option1:=xl Sort Normal .

Regards, Simon Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() Range("A2: V40").


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