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Now, in the third section of this fragment from Habacuc's prayer, the Septuagint translator mistook a Hebrew word on the scroll before him, and wrote as follows in Greek on his own parchment: And so it stands in the Septuagint to this day! Like a good girl, she told Margaret about it afterwards, and expected a scolding. Auntie's only legacy is her heart — the heart of a holy old soul who has tried to be good to us." So Auntie's legacy remained a joke, however much she tapped her breast and spoke darkly concerning it while she took her second cup of tea.

Little did the scribe know, two hundred and fifty years before Our Blessed Lord's birth, what truth was flowing from his errant pen ! know of the frost- bitten, murderous retreat from Moscow that was to come within a year of his words to his captor, Napoleon, as he vaunted of his armies : " Who can assure you, my son, that within a twelvemonth the muskets will not fall from your soldiers' hands? Margaret only smiled St John's Presbytery, June, 189— Their friend in Xt, Fabian John L'Estrange. It was set down with her habit of roaming the lanes far and wide in quest of firewood, concerning which jovial Father Power used to tease his Promoter and her sister, on Thursday evenings, when the Apostleship meeting was over. (To be Continued.) TRUE JOY r DEAREST Lord, how comes it so, That I who search the earth for joys, In all I have and all I know Possess no more than phantom-toys ?

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We also ask that you: Make non- commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. Yet we were naturally not displeased when the missing part was found after dusty search in a lumber room, and a good mechanic of the congregation offered veterinary aid. They took rooms, to begin with, in a poor, but clean and airy quarter within stone's throw of the shop to the one hand, and of an old-fashioned, devotional Church to the other.

" The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib ; but Israel hath not known me, and my people hath not understood." " The prophet," says the Abbe Chauvin, " is simply establishing a For on the oxen and the plough An Empire's strength is laid." THE OX, THE ASS AND THE SHEPHERDS AT THE CRIB 35 contrast between the instinct of the two animals, and the dispositions of Israel towards the Lord." " In things doubtful, liberty " has been the joyous privilege of the Church's children from long before the days when St. Prophecy in the technical sense or no (and on that point the erudite French priest may speak with ripe authority), may we not marvel at the Providence which, in bid- ding a Saint of the Old Law tell the Jews how thankless they were, so helped his memory and fancy that in three salient words — ox, ass, crib — he has conjured — nay, compelled — for readers of all time a vivid picture of Bethlehem? She was full of fun in her quiet way, and could assuredly not be suspected of hoarding money.

Before leaving the ox and the ass, one word about a most inter- esting slip in translation which occurs in the Septuagint (Habacuc, iii, 2). On one occasion Nellie had found her curiosity too strong when repairing a bodice of Auntie's.

Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. It has had this other result of making the writer wonder how best to give the little fellow who asked it, a reason for believing so firmly what his Bible does not say — namely, that Our Lord in the manger was warmed by the breath of two lowly, patient beasts. " said Nellie impetuously, as she gently removed the old woman's heavy shawl. The Monsignor, God rest his soul, was deep in debt with his Church, and 'twas only the small wages he could give me. 'Tis good to sit and drink it here at our own fireside while we're spared, for all the Little Sisters are kind.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Perhaps the question is more complex than I bargained for, so far as Anglican children in the Fifth Standard are concerned. There were black days, too, when I let them go altogether. 'Tis to them the Monsignor was always offering to send me, if I wanted." Margaret colored a little.


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