Russian dating scams elena dating websites for wealthy gays

Only authorized law enforcement agencies can prosecute your offenders.To have them prosecuted, you will need to make an official statement to police and lay charges.I also requested to know her full name: she replied Anna Zimenkova. I have received several emails since then, but deleted all of them except this one as I felt that this needed to be reported to proper authorities.But now with her most recent letter of todayshe tells me her full name is: Anna Oloukova? Im still not really sure whether this report will do anything to thwart others who may be fall victim to this type of Russian scam??This is the alphabetical listing of Russian scammers and Russian agencies involved in Russian dating fraud or Russian scam.

Most likely, given the history of Russian Federation dating scamsits probably a man who is writing these corny letters.intentionally not paying attention to proper English syntax and grammar hoping to convey the womans naivet or vulnerabilityetc.

26 Kazan, Russia 467000 Email: [email protected]: Chekaleva Valeria Glushkova Svetlana Elena Kruchinina (Novaya St, House 79, Selehov, Russia 663020 [email protected]) Luidmila Tarasova ( Sadovaya St, House 29, Miasskoe, Russia 456000) Marina Kushakova Olga Zhukova Natalya Ishenko Anna Petrova Dinara Altybaeva Irina Egorova Anastasiya Pershutkina Nadezhda Sajtieva Details: She contacted me thru a Yahoo Personals ad I submitted.

Fed me the story of calling US Embassy in Moscow about the Visa, she cried and told them she couldn't live without me the Western Union address to send the 400.00 for the Visa.

Akbars Bank, Omerhana 10A, Kazan Russia First reported: Bob DISCLAIMER: does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on this page, nor that it is error-free. The service is supplied on "as is" basis, with no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. #29, Apt #198, 196233, Russia Details: I would like to report a visa-passport scammer from Russia who, most likely, is not who she represents herself to be.

She sent me an unsolicited email letter via my Yahoo account just before Christmas as if she knew me. AND I blatantly informed this individual that I was happily married on several occasions which seemed to have little impact or effect on her.


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