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Annabelle has esthetician to the stars Shani Darden.Her clients include Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen, Rosie Huntington Whitely, Lea Michele, pretty much every A lister in Hollywood..Annabelle.Annabelle & Meagan Grainger talk about wetting your pants, inappropriate touching, falling in love with a Chili's waiter at the airport & psychics on RHOBH.Get tickets to the live NYC show April 14th at The Slipper Room "Annabelle has one of her best friends, standup comedian Dana Moon on to talk about the filming of her Netflix episode of "Nailed It".Annabelle has her investor (aka father) RJ as her guest & he gives his thoughts on all the Real Housewives franchises,his one sided feud with Matt Damon & he gives us a little snippet of his psycho ex girlfriend story-it involves fire. Annabelle & the hilarious Danny Pellegrino (host of the amazing podcast "Everything Iconic") talk everything Housewives, give their review of seeing Luanne live in concert & go deep on the topic that is dividing this entire country-Team..."Annabelle is joined by bff comedian & host of the "What's Your Jersey" podcast Jaclyn Marfuggi.They talk about the royal wedding,f**k boys, going to see "I Feel Pretty" & the lessons learned from it, how soul cycle is the devil &...Naha explains what Saturn Return is, how to know if you're in yours right now & gives us tools on how to deal with it. Annabelle has one of her good friends comedian/creator/influencer & all around superwoman Angelina Spicer as her guest.They talk about how Angelina's dad managed to out RJ the RJ by stealing the show at her wedding,terrible group auditions they...

Annabelle & her guests Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard (from the Dumb, Gay Politics podcast &The People's Couch on Bravo) talk about stalking celebrities at the airport,working on Curb Your Enthusiasm,go through Cheeto's cabinet aka the axis...Annabelle & is in South Carolina visiting her investor Fancy Nancy & they talk about Annabelle's insane trip to the airport that started with her Uber driver being a Russian ninja warrior to save her cats & ended with her almost getting...RJ (Annabelle's investor aka dad) talks about how he hit on Annabelle's mom at her own sisters funeral & than proceeded to try to break up with his current girlfriend to be with Nancy.They talk about Nancy turning 58, she answers Kitten questions about being a kick ass female, we talk about Valentines Day & we talk about how I'm going to get into amazing,...Annabelle & Megan talk about their upcoming live show in San Francisco on Feb 17th at the Shelton Theater (tix available on adderallandcompliments.com).Annabelle has one of her best friends comedian & host of "What's Your Jersey" podcast Jaclyn Marfuggi back & they talk about embarrassing headshots, the New York live birthday show, Real Housewives reunion & Annabelle's major style...Annabelle has one of her best friends & host of the Moon Me podcast, Dana Moon, come on & talk about how she finally escaped her roommate from hell situation.They also review Annabelle's mortifying middle school acting resume, & Dana...Annabelle & one of her best friends queen feminist/sex worker/pet pig owner Rachel Swimmer talk about everything from getting banned from certain aps, why you should stay away from Florida, Chelsea Handler, & how hard it is to find love on...Thank you to Thrive use Thrivemarket.com/compliments for an...Annabelle has her favorite makeup artist to the stars, Spencer @paintedbyspencer to answer the makeup questions submitted by the Kittens-we go over how to find the perfect foundation shade, biggest mistakes people make with contouring, what products...


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